October 14, 2019

8:00 Ecumenical Breakfast

8:45 Opening Worship

9:00  Keynote: Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball

10:00  Faith and Order: “Who sinned?” Faith and the Opioid Crisis

Life and Works: Caring for Our Veterans and Active Duty Personnel

10:50 Break

11:00 Faith and Order: Can we speak about the good? Faith and Civil Discourse

Life and Works: Policy and Resources for Restored Citizens          

12:00  Ecumenical Luncheon

12:45 Mary Virginia DeRoo Award

1:00   Faith and Order: Whom do you love? Faith: Discerning between Authority and                                                   Idolatry

           Life and Works: Foster, Kinship, and Adoptive Care: How the Church can Help

2:00 Closing Worship

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

2:00-4:00  West Virginia Council of Churches Public Policy Forum