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West Virginia Council of Churches Statement on Mountaintop Removal
West Virginia Council of Churches 2016 Statement on Mountaintop Removal

Support The Birthplace of Rivers National Monument Proposal
The West Virginia Council of Churches has endorsed creating the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument in the southern Monongahela National Forest. We invite you to personally lend your support to the proposal. A national monument is a special designation for added protection to existing federal lands. Birthplace of Rivers would include 120,000 acres, with the Cranberry Wilderness at the core, surrounded by places like Cranberry Glades and the Falls of Hills Creek.

The Christian denominations that serve West Virginia have historically advocated for responsible stewardship of God’s creation. It is a natural part of such stewardship to reserve and preserve areas of wild places for the study of nature, for the refreshment of the human body, and for uplifting the human spirit to the glory of God in fellowship with each other and with this beautiful planet God has given us for a home.

Your support is welcome. When you sign the petition below, you will add your name to the many West Virginians working to preserve this special place. Note: the petition is managed by our partners in the monument effort, the West Virginia Rivers Coalition.