Motivating Recovery

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Do you know someone who struggles with substance use disorder?
Research shows that for every one person with a substance use disorder, four loved ones are negatively impacted. That means that throughout our beautiful state, many, many people are suffering.

Having a friend or loved one who abuses drugs and alcohol can feel like being on an emotional rollercoaster. How do we talk to our loved ones about their substance use disorder? How can we better understand the challenges our loved ones are facing? Lecturing and arguing with our loved ones can feel hopeless and be frustrating for everyone involved.

This training is designed to help you be more effective when you talk to people about their drug and alcohol use.

KPCC Counseling is offering 6 FREE regional MOTIVATING RECOVERY workshops throughout the state of WV. Participants will learn how to engage persons who are using alcohol or drugs in various stages of their addiction and recovery: from denial and ambivalence, to preparation for change and taking positive action.


If you are interested in learning skills to help motivate recovery or in finding ways to use these skills effectively in your community, this class is for you.

This training is open to all persons, both professionals, and non-professionals. Including counselors, social workers, nurses, peer recovery coaches, chaplains, clergy, and even concerned family and community members. Anyone interested in the using Motivational Interviewing as a resource for healing is welcome. No previous experience is necessary. Six CE credit hours available for LPC, SW, RN, and NAADAC.

There is no cost for the training, however, there are a limited number of seats per class. Lunch is provided. Registration is required to attend. Click one of the dates below.

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Motivational Interviewing and CRAFT are evidence-based practices which can be highly effective in helping people make healthy choices about their behaviors. This training is sponsored by the WV Council of Churches, with generous funding from the Benedum Foundation.

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